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Great perspective! I wasn't aware that the size of the battery in the Tesla contributed to the fast charging times. Luckily I was able to install a 240 line for a level 2 charger in my driveway with a little help from my dad. The biggest expense was the portable level 2 charger $275 and then for the wire which was another $100 or so. The rest of the costs were less than $75. So we managed to get in under $500 for the whole thing.

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It's funny you mention this now since I made two recent videos on the topic of Level 1 charging and I fully agree. One was based on a Level 1 charger I spied at our local airport in Muskegon, Michigan. I mean, what a great use case. Who cares how long it takes to charge when you're gone for multiple days. https://youtu.be/wrjZc1XYuGU

Then I had to use Level 1 charging when visiting relatives over the holidays in Phoenix. Again, we were hanging out for multiple days without driving, so the car happily charged away while we were doing family stuff. https://youtu.be/OI8V8VHX4sM

Never underestimate Level 1 charging!

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