Apr 15

Replacing the Door Lock on Our Aliner Scout RV

The RV Lock From MKing Was Easy to Install But That Didn't Prevent All Problems

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When we purchased our 2013 Aliner Scout, the sellers didn’t have the keys so we had to replace the lock.

The MKing RV Lock we used was a perfect match for the lock on the RV. The lock we replaced showed some evidence of being a replacement, too.

For the video above, we recorded the entire process and edited it down to under ten minutes. It took an hour to do it three times.

The first time, my efforts worked great except for the quarter-inch gap on the exterior side of the lock.

The second time, I put the lock back on with a plastic piece that I had removed from the old lock, solving the gap problem, but failed in a different way. By installing the lock with the latch open, it refused to work.

So, one final time, I removed the lock and reinstalled it, taking care to avoid both of my prior mistakes.

I hope you’ll find my failures either entertaining or helpful for avoiding mistakes of your own.