Apr 22, 2022 • 5M

Removing and Replacing the Decals on Our Aliner Scout RV

We Replaced the Original Stickers With Óur Solar Electric Trailer Journey' Branding

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Devin Thorpe
Gail Thorpe
Follow our journey as we buy a Rivian R1T electric truck to pull a travel trailer equipped to run exclusively on solar power!
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When we acquired our 2013 Aliner Scout, it had aged and faded branding decals on three sides. We decided to remove them and replace them with some of our own branding.

The first challenge was to remove the old decals. We learned that they peel off easily if you apply some heat. We used Gail’s old blow dryer, the one she’s used for years each morning. It worked great on low.

Using a plastic putty knife to catch the edge while blowing heat on the sticker, we peeled off the 24 by 12-inch decal in about five minutes.

After removing the sticker, we had to clean off the residue. At Ace Hardware, we bought a bottle of De-Solv-It solvent. It worked great. We found it more effective to use the plastic putty knife to lightly scrape the residue off with the solvent. After all the visible adhesive was gone, we wiped the remaining solvent off with a microfiber cloth. Again, this took about five minutes.

Starting with a freshly wiped clean surface, we then applied the new decals we bought from YouCustomizeIt.com. We got the new logo from a Romanian designer on Fiverr for about $35, including a tip and fees.

YouCustomizeIt.com gave us the option to trim the background close to the logo. They delivered the sticker between a square front and back lining.

After choosing a place to mount the decal, we peeled off the backing and stuck it to the trailer. We found some bubbles under the decal. We tried removing them by moving them with our fingers and the putty knife. Nothing worked until we simply popped them like blisters with a sharp pin.

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