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Hi All,

I know this question is a bit off topic, but I'm considering something similar with my Bolt and am a bit leary to move ahead due to insurance concerns. If anything happens to the vehicle while towing will the insurance company cover it since Chevy says it has zero tow capacity? How did you guys deal with this?



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Welcome to Florida!

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Hope you got the A/C matter resolved in time for this weekend’s outing!

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Keep on Proving and Having Fun! Is there a way to ensure that you have the proper water hook-ups? Aren't they standard?

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It is common for Trailers to blow fuses due to heat, poor wiring practices, and cheaply made appliances. Check your fuse box as soon as something does not work and carry spares.

Also confirm if your AC runs on 120 or if it needs 240 volt. There are adapters from the 240 volt, 30 amp, plug that converts to two legs of 120 volt on the same phase. If you need 240 volt those 120 volt adapters dont give it to you.

It was great to see you at convention! Enjoy your new trailer!

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