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10 Reasons We Love Our Chevy Bolt EV

What Do You Love About Your EV?

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Devin Thorpe
Follow our journey as we buy a Rivian R1T electric truck to pull a travel trailer equipped to run exclusively on solar power!
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This week, we’re sharing ten reasons we love our Chevy Bolt EV. While it is not the fanciest or the fastest EV

  1. The car is durable. Ours has 85,000 miles now and barely shows wear inside and not much out.

  2. Comfortable for long drives. We’ve driven the car tens of thousands of miles on the road. While it’s no luxury auto, it’s comfortable for long days in the saddle.

  3. Affordability. We bought ours used and got a fair deal, but Chevy is practically giving away the Bolt EVs now. You can get a new one for little more than we paid for a used one three years ago.

  4. Cargo capacity: We love how much we can haul inside the Bolt. It can hold five people (four comfortably) plus stuff. Not living where we get curbside recycling service, we routinely haul a carload of stuff to the dump two counties over.

  5. Android Auto. Access to Android Auto provides some benefits of fancier cars included in what you’re already paying for your phone. This includes navigation apps, books on tape, music and many others, including some that are free.

  6. Better looking than our 2012 Nissan Leaf. Gail and I disagree about whether our 2012 Nissan Leaf was the ugliest car we ever owned, but we agree it was a contender. We were thrilled to trade it in on our much cuter Bolt.

  7. The Bolt is fast. Of course, it’s not Corvette fast, but this little car is quick and fun to drive. When you need to get out of the way, you can.

  8. The trunk in our premium model. The trim we have includes a cover over the bottom of the behind-the-seat storage, providing a flat surface when the seats are down and hiding all the junk in the trunk.

  9. Mileage and efficiency. We get close to 5 miles per kWh (mpk) around town, about 4 mpk on the freeway and 2.6 when towing our trailer. The Department of Energy assigns the Bolt a 120 mpg-equivalent rating.

  10. Towing. While Chevy doesn’t recommend towing with the Bolt, and we’d encourage you to use great care in deciding whether to tow with yours, we love that it tows so capably.

The Chevy Bolt is a great car. It is a dream compared with our first EV, the 2012 Nissan Leaf. When we acquired the used Leaf, it had a functional range of just 50 miles. We bought it about 50 miles from home and never went 50 miles without charging again.

What do you love about your EV? Share in the comments.

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